5 Top Tips for Business Cards #1

The Right Size Business Card - allow for the bleed

The Right Size Business Card

It is very important to get the right size business card.  I have seen, over the years at networking meetings, many business cards that people have clearly thought long and hard about, whilst looking to be different or quirky in an attempt to stand out.  However, this often backfires on many levels.

Business card holders are made for the purpose of holding business cards, and if yours don’t fit in, many people will simply discard them, or put them someplace else. Usually to be easily forgotten.

I’ve done this myself on various occasions and, although not meaning to lose the card, it happens more often than not.

Farleys bc 14Some internet companies do not produce their cards to the industry standard established measurements and they frequently use a thinner stock card, as well. These differences are usually interpreted as the non-standard size business card being of a lower quality which, in turn, can imply a lower level of professionalism and, quite possibly, a lower level of trust on the person the card belongs to.

This may sound harsh, but if you were to give such a card to a person that uses – and is used to – a quality business card, that will be the yard stick by which you are likely to be judged. If you offer a business card that’s perceived to be of a lower quality, it may well jeopardise your chances.

Wait, I hear you shout, “Surely if they like me they will like my card, or at least it will be irrelevant to getting the business?” ….. and you may well be right. However;

The Right Size Business Card - keep content away from the edgeWhat if they are given your card by someone else??

What conclusions could they draw about you and your company??

These conclusions may be unfounded, but impressions do count – about everything – and we are being judged all the time.

The truth is, you may only get one chance to impress, and although this may not be, solely, down to your business card, why take the chance!  Be the best  you can be and use quality business cards. That way, you will have one less factor to worry about.

My 5 Top Tips for Business Cards – the do’s and don’ts of business cards – will be continued …..

Fiona Farley
If You Don’t Tell, You Won’t Sell