5 Top Tips for Business Cards #2

The only info you need is your name and that of your company, isn’t it????

Now, this may sound harsh but……no-one is truly interested in what the name of your company is, or in fact your name, but they are interested in how you can be of benefit to them!

Can you offer the solution they seek?

As we have already established, your business card is really your first marketing tool, and you have the power in it to either spark interest or indifference.

Business Card With Too Much InfoThis card demonstrates how someone has tried to get all their info onto their card in one go!! OK, so you have all the accreditation you may need to do the job, but what job is it that you do?

Looking at this card, unless you actually know what this company does, you would be none the wiser.

Ah! I hear you say, “but I gave my card to my prospect!!!”, which is great! But …..

  • What if he passes it on?
  • What happens if someone else picks it up?
  • They may have even picked your card up at a network meeting with several other cards – Will they remember what it is you do????

What could they possible glean from the information?

I would have to say, a big zero in most cases – except that you have all the logos you need!!

So, apart from introducing you, what else can your card do for you?

Ideally you want the prospect to like what they see and want to go onto your website for more information.  That’s where all your accreditation should be, along with anything else you want to sell. Your business card should simply be the conduit you need to get them there.  This means giving out enough info to spark that interest, without overloading them and making it difficult to understand what it is you want them to know.

Farleys Business Card 14Conversely, too little information is just as damaging.

As I said before, some people think that the name of their company, and their own name, is far more important than anything else, so that’s exactly what you see on their cards.

Now I’m not saying that you and your company aren’t important, they just aren’t relevant when it comes to someone buying what they want or when they first meet you.

Obviously,  your name becomes  important when they come to like and trust you, when you have built that all important relationship and when they come to understand what you do.

I love being me, but this card isn’t going to help me get any new clients because at the end of the day,  who cares who I am really?  What matters is what I can do…

Farleys Printers LogoHere, again, is an example of how influential I think my logo is!!

I love my logo and we have spent a long time designing it, but does it really help in the great scheme of things?


So you can see that by having my wonderful name on one side of my card and my marvelous logo on the other, no-one would really have a clue as to what I specialise in.  By all means, spend time on your logo, it can be inspirational, much like Rolls Royce is.  However, before we go global, we need to help people buy from us, all the time because….

If you don’t tell, you won’t sell.

Next time………..a helpful layout to get the most from your business card

Fiona Farley
If You Don’t Tell, You Won’t Sell