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Why Should I Have Laminated Business Cards ?

What a great question and what a great excuse to get me talking about one of my favourite things: Shopping for clothes! (Bear with me on this. It’ll be worth it. I promise!)

One of the five senses that we all use, everyday, is the sense of touch, which, is all about how things feel. How things feel is a crucial element in helping us make judgments about whether we like or dislike something and the overall impression we get.

Shopping for ClothesFor example, when I’m shopping for clothes and something catches my attention, visually, the very next thing I do is feel the material.

Depending on how the material feels, I then make instant judgments based on that. If I was shopping for a dress I’d make judgments on how I think it’ll look on me, on what I’ll feel like wearing it, on whether the material’s weighty enough, on how the dress will hang and I’ll make judgments in a myriad of other ways, all made in an instant.

Rightly or wrongly, it’s these judgments that will dictate whether or not I take the time to even try the dress on – and if it doesn’t feel right, I won’t try it on!

Believe it or not, the same principle applies with your business card: The way it feels will factor in to the many small judgments that people will make about you, about your business and about whether they choose to talk to you to find out how you can help them ….. or not.

You’re Being Judged All of the Time

We’re all making these small, instant judgments, all of the time – which is why you should have laminated business cards.

When you understand that you’re being judged at every opportunity – particularly, by the people you’re meeting for the first time, you start to understand the need to do everything you can to help people gain a positive impression about you and your business.

How Your Business Card Feels Matters - Us Laminated Business CardsPeople use their sense of touch all the time without realising they’re doing it.  I can’t possibly count the number of times that I’ve given out my card only for people to comment that they love the way it feels in their hands.  This feeling happens because I use laminated business cards and there’s nothing else you can do that gives a card the professional look and feel of Lamination.  It oozes class, professionalism and style.

People can’t resist touching things and,  just as an aside, when you see “please do not touch the display” or some such sign, you tend to just pass it by without getting emotionally involved in whatever it is you aren’t allowed to touch ….. or you are simply compelled to touch!  Whichever it is, feelings are connected to emotion, which in turn plays a huge part in our everyday life ….. and in decision making!

Other Reasons to Have Laminated Business Cards

There are two main laminates available.   Matt and Gloss.

We provide laminated business cards, automatically, unless otherwise instructed.  We believe it’s an essential part of the professional image that gets you noticed, and it’s such an easy one to achieve.

Laminate also protects your  business cards, keeping them looking good for much longer. It keeps them from looking ‘dog-eared’ when they’ve been in someone’s pocket or business card holder for a while and if you have appointment cards or folded business cards, laminating will stop the spine from cracking (this is important as once the spine starts cracking, so does your professional image)!

In all my previous posts I’ve been able to demonstrate using pictures, but this is a difficult one.  However, I think this will give you some idea…………..

Non Laminate to Laminate - Rough to Smoothe - it's the difference that Laminated business cards make!

Non Laminate to Laminate – Rough to Smoothe – it’s the difference that Laminated business cards make!


Thanks go to my incredible graphic designer, Colin, in helping me demonstrate the difference!!

As always, if you need some help, please do get in touch.  At Farley’s Printers, we’ll hold your hand through any design changes you wish to make and remember, at the end of the day,


Fiona Farley

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