5 Top Tips for Business Cards #5

Is Your Business Card Remarkable?

If you’ve been following my ‘5 Top Tips for Business Cards’, you should now have a clear idea of how to make your business card work harder for you and be more effective. However, in today’s world, there is little time and we have so many choices, so, in order for your business card to stand out from the crowd, you need to make it remarkable: So, the question is, how do you make your business card REMARKABLE?

By this I mean, your aim should be to inspire people to REMARK about your business card.

Simple, yes???

Well, probably not as simple as it sounds – but if you have followed the advice on the previous top tips, your business card will be well on its way to achieving that goal.

Business Card with Spot UVHowever, there are a few other little tricks you can employ to make your card extra amazing, to make it stand out and, in turn, make it remarkable.

SPOT UV and FOIL BLOCK are two spectacular ways of doing just that.

My card, for example, has spot UV on the front and back, so the word PRINT and our logo FPL stand out and stand slightly proud of the card. Foil block can be either gold or silver and, in my opinion, adds a touch of opulence and class.

However, these options don’t come cheap and to make it worth your while, you really need a larger order of say 400 – 1000 cards.  You could have 200, but the charge for spot UV alone would add in excess of £100 to your order.

Do remember that you don’t have to make a larger order and have the same name on all of the business cards. For example, you could have 200 cards for each of 4 different team members, making 800 business cards in total.

Business Card with Foil BlockingHere’s an example of ‘foil blocking’.  It is a heat process used to press foil onto your card.  It can be gold or silver and both give a look of opulence!  It shouts quality, and although it’s, shall we say, more of an investment than spot UV, it really makes your card look and feel expensive!

Think velvet against nylon for example, both are good in their own right, but one is always going to impress more than the other, with feel and quality.

That aside, these little enhancements make a great card nothing short of spectacular and this helps in the positive impressions you create with new and existing clients.

Be different, is the message here.  Be eye catching, make people want to ask about your card ….. because they will!!neon-sign-2

Now, doesn’t this stand out!!  In the sea of darkness,  your eye is drawn to this sign!!  You too can stand out, as mentioned, just by investing in your marketing, to make it dynamic, to make it remarkable and, dare I say, to make it fun!!

Yes, marketing your product or service can, and should be, fun!

Fiona Farley
If You Don’t Tell, You Won’t Sell