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5 Top Tips for Business Cards #4

Why Should I Have Laminated Business Cards ? What a great question and what a great excuse to get me talking about one of my favourite things: Shopping for clothes! (Bear with me on this. It’ll be worth it. I promise!) One of the five senses that we all use, everyday, is the sense of…

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5 Top Tips for Business Cards #3

What To Say On Your Business Card So far, we’ve looked at size and layout options and how to make the most of your business card from that perspective.  The next step is ….. what to say on your business card! We’ve established that what’s important is helping your prospective client buy from you and…

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5 Top Tips for Business Cards #2

Farleys Business Card 14

The only info you need is your name and that of your company, isn’t it???? Now, this may sound harsh but……no-one is truly interested in what the name of your company is, or in fact your name, but they are interested in how you can be of benefit to them! Can you offer the solution…

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5 Top Tips for Business Cards #1

The Right Size Business Card It is very important to get the right size business card.  I have seen, over the years at networking meetings, many business cards that people have clearly thought long and hard about, whilst looking to be different or quirky in an attempt to stand out.  However, this often backfires on many…

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